Flesh Eating Cheerleaders from Outer Space #3

Created by Dren Productions LLC

The 3rd issue of the adult horror comic series in which the sexy girls are the monsters. 1 and 2 available as well!

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WooHoo! Surpassed Our Goal!!!
10 months ago – Wed, Oct 06, 2021 at 12:44:14 AM

Well, here we go again! 

We are off to a great start, we surpassed our goal in about 4 hours! Which is just awesome!!! 

So, here is what you've been waiting for... the stretch goals!

So here are the first 3... and guess what... you guys surpassed the first one before I even got the chance to tell you what it was!!!

Well, like with the previous, our first one is going to be another magnet. We have another of our logos for you! We know you will enjoy this one too!

Then the first of our prints. We know you guys love those prints. 

And the first of what will hopefully be a couple of stickers. Carmen looks lovely, doesn't she?

Well, that's all for the moment. We have plenty in store. So we want to get you guys to share this out. The quicker we go up, the more stretch goals we unlock, and the more we can get to you guys! So, if you share, the more you can spread the word, and the faster we unlock more goals!

Until the next update!

Thanks all!