Flesh Eating Cheerleaders from Outer Space #3

Created by Dren Productions LLC

The 3rd issue of the adult horror comic series in which the sexy girls are the monsters. 1 and 2 available as well!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Plan 59 - Just Launched on Kickstarter!!!
6 months ago – Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 01:57:06 AM

It's been a wild year! Dren Productions has really exploded in the last year since we launched the first issue of Plan 59 from Outer Space! We love all you guys and truly appreciate you!


But it's time for us to launch our last campaign of 2021, and it is a good one--Issue 2 of Plan 59 is finally here, and we are excited to finally be bringing it to you!

We have some cool covers for you, including offerings by C.B. Zane, Mog Park, Gregbo, and others.  Just look at how electrifying these covers are!!!

But covers aren't everything! We have an awesome story too! The aliens have returned and they are going to destroy the human race after 58 failed attempts. This time, with their 59th evil plan, the aliens will use our own technology against us. Will they succeed this time? There's only one way to find out!

Issue 2 finishes the story. And don't worry, we have copies of issue 1 available too!

So, go over and check out the campaign. We want to hit our goal today so we can start unlocking stretch goals! The more stretch goals we can unlock, the better this project will be!


Thank you guys! We really are excited that this book is done and we can finally bring it to you!


Digital Comic Sent! Check Your Inbox!
7 months ago – Wed, Nov 03, 2021 at 09:21:45 PM

Hey all,

We just wanted to let you know that your first reward for backing Flesh Eating Cheerleaders #3 was sent to you a little while ago. So, check your messages here on Kickstarter and you'll see the link!

It's the basic PDF for issue 3 and we just wanted to get these out to you so you can start enjoying your rewards. So, take a look, and enjoy! You've certainly earned it. 

For those of you looking for some of the other digital rewards, like the digital deluxe, we'll be sending those out soon. We just wanted to get this basic reward out to you as soon as we could! 

Thanks all!

Definitely enjoy the comic and let us know what you think of it!


7 months ago – Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 08:31:12 PM

Didn't get the chance to post this yesterday, so I said bright an early this morning, I would post it. All we really want to say here is...


You have helped to make this our best campaign ever! And you guys have so much awesome stuff to show for it! We unlocked 19 stretch goals!!! That's including the $30,000 one that we snuck in there right at the end for 1 more print!

So, congrats, and again thank you!!!

So what's next?

Well, Kickstarter is going to sort out all the funds and send it to us. That's usually about 2 weeks. If you happened to have an errored charge, they will contact you for the next week to fix it, and if you don't, then Kickstarter will drop your pledge. 

Once the funds reach our account, we will launch the Backerkit pledge manager (the surveys). For those of you not familiar with that, this is where you fill out your info, and add on any extras you may have missed. For international folks, this is where you'll pay for shipping as well (U.S. won't pay for shipping except for any add-ons you accrue).  

In the meantime, we will send out the basic digital PDF of issue 3 to you guys (since you're all getting it), sometime next week. All other digital rewards will come out after you fill out your surveys. 

Then, the plan is to ship the books in January. 

For many of you, you know we are switching printing/shipping companies. At this moment we are still shopping around. We have a few in mind, but we want to see samples of print quality and such (because we want the highest quality books to still go out to you guys). So, hopefully we will be able to keep that deadline. 

That being said... issue 4, as of this moment is slated for launch in February 2022 (yes, we know it's a long break, but we are going to make damned sure each and every one of you has issue 3 before we launch!)

Anyway, that's it for now. 

Another great big THANK YOU!!!


Closing in on 48 Hours!!!
7 months ago – Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 07:32:19 AM

As we approach the 48 hour mark on the campaign, we are heading into the home stretch! And with that news, also comes the news that we passed another stretch goal!!! So, here we go with another print!

We only have a couple of stretch goals left. Starting with another original story that will be available to ALL backers. This short story will also tie into the Flesh Eating Cheerleaders universe, and it will be a fun read for all!

We will hopefully get to unlock another one after this one! But we'll have to see how far we can go!

We have a cool monstrous comic that you need to take a look at called Miss Medusa's Monstrous Menagerie - Mistress in the ring, snake in the grass- she'll do anything to get THAT CA$H.


It's 1963,  and having a carnival of 666 monsters ain't the draw it used to be. Miss Medusa's Monstrous Menagerie is one of the last two Mythic shows left in the U.S., trucking from one backwater jerkass town to the next. It's dirty work, and sometimes you barely make the nut, but America's still the land of plenty (of rubes). For this season at least, Miss Medusa's hiring, and you can still run away and join the circus. (Mythics, Cryptids, Gods, and Atomics only, please.  Humans need not apply.)

It's got some great art. It's got some cool looking covers. And the story sounds awesome. So how can you go wrong in checking this one out??? Head on over and see what it's all about!


Thanks all!


New Holofoil Cover!
7 months ago – Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 03:19:37 AM

Hey there all, 

Let's start with the headline here. Yes, we have a new holofoil cover for you guys to add-on to your pledges. This holofoil is for one of our more popular covers this time around, the Carmen - Posing cover. 

Same as always on these covers, we are going to offer these as a limited release, and will only print as many as are ordered. So, if you want it, get it now, because these won't be available any other time. 

For this update, we also wanted to give you a little tease. We have a finished page we wanted to show you. All we will say is... enjoy!

Ooooh... what happens next??? Well, you'll just have to wait to read the issue.

Okay, so we have a cool non-horror comic for you today. It's called Flare and Lana: 10th Anniversary Edition. And it looks like it hits all the buttons of an awesome comic!


It was a bit more than ten years ago that Dennis Mallonee's sexy superheroine FLARE and Sean Harrington's sultry superspy LANA met for the very first time.

This is a SUPER-SIZED 64-PAGE ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL featuring everything that was in the original edition, plus a brand-new Lana/Flare adventure by Sean Harrington, along with bonus pin-ups, a set of classic Flare "Sunday Pages" by Mallonee and Harrington, and even more special features.

Seriously... how can you go wrong with this?


Thanks all.